3 Benefits Of Choosing A 7-Foot Billiard Table For Your Home

Planning a game area for your home can be a fun and exciting project. If you'd like to include a pool table as a part of your new recreation room, you will need to consider some important aspects to ensure that you purchase just the right table for you. One of the most essential features to keep in mind is the table size. While billiard tables are available in different sizes, most casual players have 7' tables in their homes. Also known as bar box tables, 7' tables are ideal for a variety of reasons. Here are 3 of the advantages that 7' billiard tables offer for your gaming space.

1) They fit well in rooms of all sizes. 

Due to its more compact frame, a 7' billiard table can fit nicely in any room. Unlike the larger table sizes on the market, you can use a 7' table in a smaller area just as well as you can in a bigger game room. Additionally, since there are many other items to include near your pool table, it's important to choose a size that allows for ample space around the table itself. For instance, you will need to ensure that the table fits comfortably in the room along with storage racks for cues and stools or chairs for bystanders to watch the game. Ultimately, you need enough room around all sides of the table to easily move and maneuver a cue of any length. A 7' table can help you accomplish this better than a larger table.

2) They are more familiar to the casual player.

If you want the same kind of pool table that is commonly known to the general public, then a 7' table is the best option. Most bars typically use this table size in their establishments, so if you're accustomed to playing pool in a bar or other public setting, you can re-create the feeling at home by purchasing a 7' table. Even some amateur leagues use 7' billiard tables, so it's possible to transition from a casual player to a more serious competitor by practicing on this table size. Furthermore, this is also a good size to choose if you have children in your family who will be playing. As children often use cues that are shorter in length, a 7' table is ideal for their stance and shooting positions. 

3) They provide for challenging gameplay. 

You will be able to utilize and test different strategies when you play a game of pool on a 7' billiard table. With a smaller playing space to move the individual balls around, there is a greater likelihood of congestion on the table and by the pockets. This will give you an opportunity to be creative in your techniques and learn how to be aggressive with your shots when necessary. If you're interested in developing your skills and mastering control in your gameplay, a 7' table is a great option.

Now that you know some of the benefits listed above, it's easy to see how adding a 7' billiard table to your home can be a fun way to create a unique gaming experience for your family and friends.