Points To Consider When You Book A Dockage Package At A Local Marina

When you own a boat, one of the first decisions that you'll need to make is where you'll keep the vessel. While some people keep their boats on trailers on their own properties, others appreciate the conveniences of docking their vessels for the season at a local marina. If this idea appeals to you, you'll want to contact a few marinas in your area to learn about their boat dockage packages for the boating season. Price is important to think about, but it's not the only point to consider. Here are some other topics that you'll want to evaluate in your effort to find the right dockage package for your boat.


While you'll want to think about the location of each marina that you're considering as it relates to your home, you also need to think about the open dock spots in any given marina. A marina rep should be able to show you a map of the dock structure to let you know which spots are open for you to book. Some boat owners prefer spots that are close to the shore, as this will make trips between the parking lot and boat quicker. Others prefer spots that are adjacent to open water, as getting out of the marina will be easier. Think about your preference and look for a marina that has openings that suit you.

Electrical Outlets

You'll commonly find that some dock spaces have electrical outlets that are available for use, while others do not. There is typically a price difference to take into account, but you'll also need to think about the conveniences of having an electrical outlet adjacent to where you keep your boat. For example, if you have some inflatable toys that you'll use to tow your children once you're out onto the water, it's handy to be able to inflate them with a power pump that you plug into the outlet.

Car Parking

One detail that you might overlook is how you'll park your car. In most cases, you'll drive to the marina for a day of boating, which means that you need a place to leave your vehicle for several hours. Some marinas' dockage packages include parking for one vehicle, while others do not. If a particular marina charges by the hour for parking, you may find that a dockage package that gives you free parking turns out to be a better deal.