Why You Still Have To Keep Excellent Records As A Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

When marijuana is legal for recreational use in your state, there is certainly going to be quite the buzz going around. Dispensaries are going to replace dealers on every corner, and sales are going to zoom high. If you decide to open your own recreational dispensary, you should know that this is not simply a "free-for-all" establishment. You do have to keep records, and very good records at that. Here is why.

Your State Places Daily or Weekly Limits on the Amount of Marijuana People Can Buy/Use

Every state limits how much marijuana people can have. Those states that have chosen to make recreational use legal also place limits on the amounts people can carry and use. Usually, the amount is two ounces or less, either per day or per week. Check with your state laws to see what the amounts are and how often consumers can visit your dispensary. A state ID is often a requirement for purchase, and you have to enter the information into a program that tracks the purchases of each individual consumer so that no one is buying and consuming more than what is legal for your state. 

State Inspections Check

Random checks, monthly checks, quarterly checks, semi-annual checks, and/or annual checks of your dispensary records will be required on demand of any regulatory inspector who shows up and wants to see the records. The purpose is to make sure your dispensary is keeping adequate records and that you are not supplying any one consumer with pot that exceeds the legalized limits. If you are found in error of either improper record-keeping or there are one or more people buying too much, you could be fined and/or have your dispensary closed down. 

Your Dispensary License Is Renewed Based on Your Record-Keeping

In some states, dispensary licenses are only renewed if and when you can show that you have done everything you should within the constraints of the laws surrounding marijuana and your dispensary. Given that this is a really big business for a lot of people that run dispensaries, they (and you!) want to keep and renew their licenses with zero difficulty. That means that your books have to be in perfect order, with no discrepancies, and no sales outside of the legal limits. There should be no "off-book" sales either, and that is checked against your average inventory versus sales reports. Keep your license, keep renewing your license, do it with excellent records, and you will prosper.