Looking At The Reasons You Should Always Gear Up Before Riding A Dirt Trail

While your chances of getting road rash from asphalt are lower when riding on a dirt track or trail in the woods behind your house, you should know the risk of injury is still high when riding a motorcycle in the dirt. If you have a habit of jumping on your bike and hitting the trails without wearing your riding gear, you are putting yourself at risk for serious injury, despite the fact you are not riding on asphalt or on crowded roadways filled with careless drivers. Learn more about some common injuries from riding dirt trails and the gear you need for avoiding them.

Some Injuries Are Exclusive To Dirt Trails

Large roots growing across asphalt is not likely, but if you are out on an unfamiliar trail, you could turn into a deep curve and hit a big root on top of the ground before you could stop and avoid it. When the front tire of your dirt bike makes impact with a big tree root, you are more than likely going to go sailing over the handlebars. If you are not wearing a helmet, you risk hitting your head on rocks and having sticks and other roots poking you in the face. A stick in your eye would be a horrible injury to sustain while out in the middle of the woods. However, if you are wearing a helmet and protective eye goggles, the you would most likely only get bruises and a dented ego from hitting a root in the trail. Some other extreme risks when riding a dirt trail include:

  1. When riding near a river or creek, the risk of snakes is great, especially in warmer weather. By wearing motocross boots and knee braces, you have protection in the event you step on a snake or get too close one and it decides to strike. High quality motocross boots can also protect you from burns if you lay down your bike and the muffler lands on your lower leg. You can purchase specially designed socks to wear with your motocross boots to prevent painful chafing while you are wearing them all day riding.
  2. Underbrush and briars are always along trails, sometimes worse during warm weather. Protecting your upper body from many scratches and possibly being stabbed by hanging branches is easy when you wear a chest protector and long-sleeved, specially designed riding jerseys.

Nothing compares to the feeling of riding a dirt trail in perfect weather when your bike is running well and you are, too. Avoid these kinds of days being ruined by a crash or trail obstacles by making sure you get geared up before hitting the dirt trail. For more information, contact local professionals like Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply.