Everything You Need To Know About Using A Pull Or Push Cart At Your Local Golf Course

For those times when you don't want to carry your golf bag and renting or using a power cart isn't ideal, you can mount your bag to a pull or a push cart that makes getting around your local golf course a little easier. 

But there are some considerations to keep in mind when you use any cart that you walk ahead of or behind (two-wheeled carts are commonly pulled, but newer three- and four-wheeled carts are usually pushed, so both "pull cart" and "push cart" are used interchangeably). If you don't commonly use one or it's been a while, you may want to review the etiquette of pull or push carts before you tee off.

Watch Where You Go

You can carry your bag just about anywhere, but pull or push carts are subject to the same rules that govern power carts. Don't roll them onto closely-mowed tee boxes or greens, as their wheels can leave ruts in the ground. That's especially a problem on or around the green, where even a slight depression from a wheel could have a negative impact on the next golfer's putt. 

If there are signs indicating that power carts should move in a certain pattern around the green or stay a certain distance away, you should do the same with your pull or push cart.

Walk in the Rough Where Possible

There are no restrictions about walking on the fairways with your cart, but if you can, stick to the light rough just off the fairway. This ensures that you won't make wheel marks if the ground happens to be softer, such as if it was recently watered.

Stick to Stable Ground

Keep clear of hazards when you walk with your cart. You don't want to risk either damaging the entrance to a sandtrap or water hazard, which could impact another golfer, or having your clubs get off balance and potentially fall in. If you're using a three- or four-wheeled cart, this is less likely, but two-wheeled carts are less stable than their newer counterparts.

Be Sure to Keep Up

Sometimes, golfers rent or borrow a pull or push cart because they want to walk and get the benefits that come from that form of exercise. If other golfers in your foursome are using power carts, though, you'll need to make a special effort to keep a fast pace of play.

You can do this by going straight to your ball and being ready to hit when it's your turn to play. While you should never get in front of another player, you can be to the side and ready to walk as soon as they've hit their shot. Simply being conscious of the need to stay in sync with the other members of your group should help you keep a reasonable pace.

And if you're playing a course that has long walks between the green of one hole and the tee of another, you can always ask a player in a power cart to hold on to your cart and pull it behind. That will free you up to walk more quickly to the next tee.

If you have any questions about the pull or push cart rules at your local golf course, ask in the pro shop before you start your round.