Three Things To Do To Get Your Dog Ready For Hunting Season

It feels like hunting season is right around the corner. While you are prepping for the season, don't forget about your furry partner. There are a few things you need to do to make sure your hunting dog is ready to help you bring in a large harvest.

Make Sure Your Dog's Shots are Up to Date

It is essential for any dog to have up-to-date shots, but it is extremely important for hunting dogs. Hunting dogs come into contact with a wide variety of animals and organisms that are potential carriers for disease.

Though the exact shots your dog requires varies, in general, every dog needs the following vaccinations: rabies, parvo, distemper, and para-influenza. Depending on the area that you hunt in, your vet may advise that you get your dog a vaccination for Lyme disease, leptospirosis (a bacterial infection carried by many wild animals), and giardiasis (an infection caused by a parasite that is found in lakes, creeks, and rivers).

Work on Training

The off-season is a terrific time to handle any training that your dog needs. Make sure your dog knows how to follow basic hunting commands, such as fetching, heeling, and staying in the kennel until it is time to retrieve a catch.

A dog training collar is a helpful tool to help your dog master commands. Electric dog training collars emit a stimulus that the dog finds unpleasant, such as a strong odor, mild shock, or loud sound. Since dogs do not like the stimulus that the collar emits, they quickly learn not to do the undesirable activity.

Opt for a manual collar that lets you decide when to send the stimulus. If your dog starts to do a forbidden action, such as grabbing things he is not supposed to, you can use a controller to dissuade the bad behavior. Contact a company like Field Trial for more information.

Renew Any Applicable Licenses

Not every area requires dogs to have a license. However, if you have an unlicensed dog in an area that requires a license, this can result in steep fines.

Check with the animal control office in your area to see what license your dog is required to have. Hunting dogs may require a different type of license than that for a household pet.

In some cities, you get a discount on the license if your dog is spayed or neutered. Inquire with animal control to make sure you get any discounts you are entitled to.

Now is the time to undertake the proper preparations for a successful hunting season. Start by getting your canine helper ready to safely assist you in filling your hunting tags.