Ways To Maximize Your Enjoyment Of Attending A Baseball Game

If you're making plans to attend a professional baseball game this summer, you'll be among a sizable crowd — in 2015, the total attendance among all the Major League Baseball franchises was more than 70 million, showing that fan interest in America's pastime is alive and well. Part of the enjoyment of going to watch professional baseball is about more than the game itself; after all, if it's merely the game you're after, you can watch it on TV at home. Taking in a live sporting event gives you the opportunity to have a truly memorable experience. Here are some ways to maximize your ballpark visit.

Get There Early

Don't make the mistake of arriving at the stadium a few minutes before first pitch; in doing so, you'll miss out on some unique opportunities. Entering the park as soon as its gates open will allow you to watch the tail end of batting practice, which is a truly entertaining event. Grab your glove, head for the outfield seats and do your best to catch a batting practice home run. Sure, it's not an actual game ball, but it's one heck of a souvenir that you'll cherish.

Move Around

While it's fine to find your seat and spend the entire game there, you'll get more out of the experience by watching the game from various vantage points. While you can't technically sit in a seat that's more expensive than yours, many stadium ushers are relaxed about letting fans move in and out of different sections — and spending an inning here and an inning there will let you find your favorite vantage point so that you can buy tickets in that section next time. Being in the upper deck provides you with a unique bird's-eye view of the game, while being at field level lets you enjoy the sights and sounds in close proximity to the players.

Find Something Unique To Eat

While it's hard to beat a hot dog and an ice-cold soda on a hot summer day, many MLB parks sell unique concession stand items that will further augment your experience. Some parks sell over-the-top items that you'll need a friend to eat with you; at other parks, you'll simply have access to high-end delicious fare more reminiscent of actual dining than stadium dining. Find something different and sit back in your seat to chow it down — just remember to get extra napkins.

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