Protecting Your Firearm Investment When Not In Use

Whether you own a single gun for target shooting or have a collection of antique hunting rifles, you need to store them safely to prevent accidental damage or theft. From inexpensive bags to bank vault style enclosures, there are a variety of gun bags and safes available for your particular needs. Here is the rundown on what you will find to protect your firearm investment.

Gun Cases

These merely protect your gun from being scuffed during transport and afford no protection from theft. Gun cases are the least expensive of the gun enclosures, but they do come in a variety of materials, including exotic leathers. When purchasing a gun case, buy the smallest case to fit your gun to minimize the amount of shifting around the gun does in the case. Look for cases with foam liners to further protect your gun from scratches.

Metal Cases

A step up from simple carrying cases, metal cases give you more options to prevent theft. Many have locks on them to slow down a thief. Some metal cases can be mounted in your truck permanently while others are used to carry your weapon while traveling. Look for a case with a foam interior and cutouts for your weapons to prevent them from shifting against each other. These cases provide protection for your weapons for a mid-level price.

Steel Cabinets

This is a more expensive option, but the first to give you true protection from gun theft. Reinforced steel cabinets with hardened locks can be permanently mounted on the floor or wall of your home. These come with simple padded interiors or custom cutouts for your weapons. Steel fireproof gun safes are also air tight to prevent smoke and heat damage to your guns from a fire.

A variety of locks are available for steel cabinets. At the lower end, you can find cabinets with a simple dial or cylinder locks. High end models offer digital keypad locks and fingerprint recognition locks.

For added protection, mount the steel cabinet on a wall with hardened steel lag bolts that resist cutting. Or mount the cabinet in a recess in the wall to prevent it from being pried away from the wall.

Gun Safes

Gun safes are similar to bank vaults by using reinforced layered steel panels. The door, hinges and lock are unbreakable, even with a sledge hammer. Tamper proof locks and alarm systems are available for these safes.

Some safes are free-standing in your home. Once in position, you'll need professional movers to come in and reposition the safe, if needed. Other safes are built into your home and made to never be moved once in place. These safes may be hidden behind a false wall panel, furniture or artwork to prevent a thief from easily finding it. These are the most expensive of the gun safety options, but they also give you the most protection from theft. Contact a business, such as Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply, for more information on gun safety.