RV Security: Keeping Your Camper Secure Year Round

If you're in the market for a new camper trailer, your first stop is likely your local RV dealer. While the main focus will be finding a trailer within your budget, another important factor to consider is the overall security of your camper, even when you're not using it. Some campers are more secure than others, offering a built-in alarm system and reinforced doors and windows. Here are a few ways that you can make your new trailer safe and secure no matter where it's parked. 

Additional Locks

Every new camper sold comes with a standard locking mechanism on all of its doors and exterior compartments. This prevents basic unwanted entry, and is fine for most travelers. However, if you've had a break-in with your RV in the past or you're traveling to a location where you feel unsafe, you'll need to enhance the locking system on the doors. This can be accomplished by purchasing a lock that goes over or around the original lock. A padlock or deadbolt lock can fit over the original lock, making it harder to gain entry. In addition, an electronic keypad locking system can require a code in order to gain entry.

Alarm System

An alarm system set up on your trailer is one way to help thwart burglars and keep your property safe and secure. Alarm systems can include any of the following:

  • Off-site monitoring
  • Motion detector light activation
  • Remote key fobs for alarm systems
  • Door and window alarm contacts
  • Camera with DVR service

Using one or more methods, depending on your own security needs, will help ensure that your trailer is well-equipped to thwart off intruders. Speaking with your trailer dealer is the first step in custom ordering a security system that accommodates the exact model of your RV.  

Interior Safety Components   

While an alarm system and locking mechanism are a great start to an effective security system, keeping items inside secure should also be a priority. If you have water sport equipment or hiking gear, it's important to keep it inside in a secure location. A designated closet with a keypad entry is recommended for large items. Smaller items can be stored in a fire-proof safe that is secured to the interior of the trailer. When away from your trailer, keep the shades closed to prevent thieves from peeking in to see valuables such as electronics and televisions. 

Exterior Security Features

In addition to lighting and alarms, there are other things that you should protect in and around your camping trailer. Adding a kingpin lock to your hitch can help prevent an unwanted tow away. Instead of backing your camper in so the hitch is facing the main road or driveway, try pulling it in so the hitch is facing your campsite if possible. This will make it difficult for someone to steal your trailer by hooking it up to their own hitch.

Always keep storage compartments underneath your trailer locked at all times. Using one or more of these methods may help deter an intruder and save your property from being stolen or vandalized. If you're interested in finding more information on RVs, visit http://www.campingworldofocala.com/.